The Centre for Research on Settlements and Urbanism promotes collaborative progressive research in the field of human geography.

The main objectives of the centre are as follows:

1. Develop new directions of fundamental and applied research in human geography

2. Establish partnerships and collaborations with other similar research centres, national and abroad, to exchange information, skills and carry out joint projects

3. Develop a research database (statistical, cartographic and bibliographical) to support fundamental and applied research

4. Organize scientific meetings, workshops, round tables to promote the research activities conducted by the centre

5. Promote the research centre as a science debate platform, approved and acknowledged in the field of settlements, urbanism, spatial planning, urban and rural development

6. Organize training activities and info meetings for those who show interest in order to develop the research capacity of the students, young researchers and specialists in the field

7. Create a resourceful environment for research, innovation and professional development at the centre

8. Enhance peer-to-peer communication and initiate interdisciplinary collaborations between the university researchers and business, social and institutional representatives


The centre has a complex agenda of activities that is continuously being improved:

1. Carry out fundamental and specific research on issues related to settlements, urbanism, spatial planning, rural and urban development

2. Elaborate studies and scientific papers in accordance with the research topics of interest agreed by the members of the centre

3. Initiate urbanism and planning projects in accordance with the interdisciplinary profile of the centre

4. Provide consultancy and expertise in territorial development, urbanism and spatial planning

5. Develop a resourceful library, to provide free access to digital content, to develop and manage statistical, cartographic and bibliographic databases

6. Organize formative trainings for young researchers and public administration staff

7. The centre is engaged in editing and publishing of the Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning, issued biannually

8. The centre is involved in the organization of the International Conference Rural Space and Local Development

If you are sharing the same field of research, if you are driven by motivation to be creative and proactive, it is a great pleasure to invite you to join our team. Our door is open to students, young professionals as well as well-known scholars.